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Cyber Security

Cognitive Domain Performance – Contestants will take an examination covering their knowledge of common cyber security tenets as defined by the objectives of CompTIA’s Security+ or ETA’s ITS certifications. This involves knowledge of common cyber security tools, techniques, and practices. Questions cover key cyber security systems and devices, including those related to – end point devices, software, managed switches, enterprise routers, wireless access points, firewalls, pentesting tools, and digital/network forensic activities. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and lasts up to two hours.

Psychomotor Domain Performance – This portion of the competition consists of several Provisioning, Testing, Deployment, Operational and Maintenance, and Protection and Defensive procedures with the end goals set by the technical committee. Contestants must successfully complete assigned tasks at a number of independent Activity Station. The tasks are designed to provide a variety of Cyber Security challenges based on the recommended best practices of the industry. 

The SkillsUSA Illinois Championships follow the current edition of the SkillsUSA National Technical Standards. These are available to professional members (advisors and teachers) following membership registration.