SLSC Registration Discount Offered

SkillsUSA Illinois is excited to offer a student discount for chapters who participate in SkillsUSA’s Chapter Excellence Program.

This program recognizes achievement as it relates to the integration of the SkillsUSA Framework in chapter program of work activities. By using the Framework as a guide, chapters have a blueprint for creating relevant activities that encourage participation and foster an understanding of student learning attained during each activity. The Framework’s focus on intentional learning turns the program of work into more than just a planning tool. Using the Framework, the program of work becomes the vital conduit that links students to the application of personal, workplace and technical skills demanded by industry.

Chapter’s that complete and submit level one of the Chapter Excellence Program will be awarded with a $5 discount for student registration for this year’s SkillsUSA Illinois State Leadership and Skills Conference.

SLSC Brand Challenge

SkillsUSA Illinois is excited to launch a new opportunity for student leadership and input into their State Leadership and Skills Conference! Each SkillsUSA Illinois student member is invited to submit one cohesive State Leadership and Skills Conference 2019 design package for consideration. The package consists of one trading pin design, one banner design, and one t-shirt design. There are many benefits including:

  • Gain experience
  • Certificate of recognition
  • Complimentary samples of the pin and t-shirt produced
  • Recognition of the winner on the SkillsUSA Illinois website
  • Recognition at the 2018 SLSC Opening Ceremony
  • Five (5) free student registrations to SLSC 2018

Submission Deadline November 30, 2018. Learn more at

New Faces in SkillsUSA Illinois

Through a grant provided by Lowe’s, SkillsUSA Illinois has been fortunate enough to be able to welcome two new staff members to focus on continued growth within the state.

Leah Rife
Leah joins us as a Senior Coordinator in the Office of Education, with a focus on membership training and development around SkillsUSA’s Career Essentials Suite. Leah will be traveling around the state working with schools as they integrate the curriculum into their classrooms. Not new to SkillsUSA, Leah was a state and national competitor as well as served as a local, state, and national officer to the organization. Leah will also be reaching out to all advisors this year to see how SkillsUSA Illinois can better serve our advisors.

Courtney Psinas
Courtney joins us as a Senior Coordinator in the Office of Business Partnerships, working to grow awareness around SkillsUSA within the state. Courtney will be developing strategic partnerships to provide new opportunities and resources to our members. New to SkillsUSA, Courtney brings experience of working with business partners in community and non-for-profit based organizations.

Courtney (left) and Leah (right)

Advisor Development Conference Recap

Thank you to all the schools and advisors that attended the second annual Advisor Development Conference on September 28 at Universal Technical Campus in Lisle, IL. This was an informative and engaging event that allowed SkillsUSA chapters from around the state the opportunity to come together and discuss this year’s SkillsUSA Illinois program offerings as well as hear important updates on all events.

L.E.A.D. 2018
The conference opened with a welcome and an overview of L.E.A.D. 2018 being held November 1-3 in Lisle, IL. L.E.A.D. is the ultimate student leadership and chapter development training in our state. L.E.A.D. has been updated to highlight the value and benefit of our Chapter Excellence Program (CEP). Again, this year, our friends from Insurance Auto Auctions will join us for simulated interviews with our participants. This career readiness experience not only provides students with an opportunity to interview but also receive feedback and tips on how to better handle themselves in their next interview. L.E.A.D. is a wonderful leadership experience and I hope that all of you consider attending next year.

State Officer Development Program
SkillsUSA is a student run, student led organization. Our state is always looking for local officers and student members that are looking to take their leadership to the next level. SkillsUSA Illinois’ State Officer Development Program is an opportunity for our members to experience a leadership role in an organization that is in major change and evolution. As a student officer, they will be asked to; meet with business and industry partners to discuss the value of SkillsUSA, go on school visits to promote the organization, and travel to our state and nation capital to advocate for career and technical education.

State Officers are elected in a split election format. Officers are elected at L.E.A.D. and the State Leadership and Skills Conference. SkillsUSA Illinois covers the cost for all State Officers to attend all state conference and meetings. The only cost to the schools would be if they require an advisor to travel with the students. In those cases, SkillsUSA Illinois will assist schools with fundraising efforts to supplement those costs. This really is an amazing experience for your students and so if you have a member in mind, suggest that they run for office. It is an experience of a lifetime! Learn more about the SkillsUSA Illinois State Officer Development Program at

SkillsUSA Career Essentials Suite
The SkillsUSA Career Essentials Suite of products has been an absolutely incredible opportunity for our chapters to grow and development their members. Through this suite, rooted in the SkillsUSA Framework, SkillsUSA provides the only opportunity for instructors to define, implement, and measure career readiness within their classrooms.  Last year, SkillsUSA Illinois delivered almost 8,000 copies of SkillsUSA Career Essentials: Experiences to our schools.

SkillsUSA Career Essentials: Experiences allows instructors to seamlessly integrate essential employability skills into the classroom and provides simplistic measuring of student development of these key skills. Through the support of a private foundation, SkillsUSA Illinois will be able to offer 20,000 licenses of the Career Essentials Suite to our schools for the 2018-2019 year. This package will include pre-test, one-year license to the curriculum, post-test and membership into SkillsUSA. Any schools that wish to determine if they are eligible should contact Eric Hill at To learn more about Career Essentials, please go to

Chapter Excellence Program
NEW THIS YEAR! – SkillsUSA Illinois recognizes the benefits that our schools receive when they participate in Chapter Excellence Program. Chapter’s that participate and utilize this outline for chapter success have seen growth and continued excitement around SkillsUSA. SkillsUSA Illinois wants to recognize and support all of our chapters that take the time to complete level 1 of the Chapter Excellence Program.

Any school, that successfully completes, level 1 of CEP by March 1, 2019 will receive a $5 discount, per student, on their 2018 State Leadership and Skills Conference Registration. If you want to learn more about CEP, please click on the link below. We hope to see 75% of all schools complete CEP this year! For more information on the Chapter Excellence Program, visit

State Qualifying Events
One of the most anticipated and exciting changes this year will be the adoption of State Qualifying Conferences. This topic was covered in depth at ADC. The following was handed out that addressed questions that might be swirling from the created of the regional competition structure.

State Qualifying Conferences Information

State Qualifying Conference information and assignments will be released by the end of November. We did hope to have this information released prior to ADC, but we have run into a few obstacles that we are overcoming. Once we have the few minor obstacles sorted out, we will release as much information as possible. We understand that the delay is an inconvenience for our schools and are diligently working on releasing the information ASAP.

The conference concluded with a few minutes of question and answer. This focused primarily on the regional competition model. Please be sure to review the document linked above.

If you were unable to attend the conference, and have questions, please do not hesitate reach out at