Loree Moore

Systems Engineer
The Boeing Company
Troy, Illinois

“What’s my next challenge?”

A question Loree Moore has asked herself her entire life.

In 2005 a shy, timid, intelligent young woman entered a pre-engineering classroom not knowing what to expect. Little did she know; the class would change her life forever. It was in that room where Loree Moore found her career calling and was exposed to SkillsUSA. She loved the coursework that presented challenges for her to solve. Seeing Loree’s ability to quickly learn new skills, her instructor challenged her to build her programming knowledge in order to compete in SkillsUSA’s Web Design competition.

Loree took the leap and attended the State Leadership and Skills Conference. It was at this conference where she saw the State Officer’s ability to speak in front of other students, as well as the impact SkillsUSA had on their lives. She had found her next challenge. The following year, she ran and was elected to State Office. Throughout the next four years, she learned responsibility, communication, teamwork, leadership and professional development. She was able to attend many conferences and events representing her school and SkillsUSA Illinois.

Following high school, Loree attended Southern Illinois University to earn her a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. After her freshman year, if not already challenged enough, she was searching for more. At the 2010 National Conference, she successfully ran a campaign to serve as the 2010-2011 SkillsUSA National Vice President. She was elected, by her peers, to serve the over 300,000 students that were represented in SkillsUSA. She travelled more than 10,000 miles speaking to students, teachers, and business partners across the nation. All of this was done while continuing her studies. In 2013, Loree graduated college with Cum Laude honors and was named Most Outstanding Senior in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department by the faculty.

Loree’s education lead her to become an Electrical Engineer at Basler Electric. She served as an engineer on international excitation system design projects, created electrical interconnect diagrams, and worked closely with customer requirements to create satisfactory designs. Loree also developed the first ever technical training for new engineers for her department.

In 2017, Loree knew she was ready for her next challenge and began to search for a new and diverse experience. An opportunity at The Boeing Company presented itself and Loree knew she had found what she was looking for. Loree currently serves as a Systems Engineer where she manages the technical, management, and data requirements for various equipment within the aircraft. This requires coordination of interdisciplinary details to guarantee a final product which exceeds customer expectations. Loree also leads the Employee Engagement Team for her program, where she manages communications, social, community service, and professional development opportunities for more than 700 of her colleagues.
What does Loree say contributed to her success? SkillsUSA.

From SkillsUSA, Loree says she gained personal skills, such as conducting herself in a business environment, speaking with executive level supervisors, and believing in herself. She also learned workplace skills, including the importance of realizing the value of each team member and how to embrace and grow from failure. All of this was built atop the firm foundation of technical skills that Loree developed throughout the many stages of her education.

SkillsUSA prepared Loree to be ready for whatever challenge comes “next.”