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Crime Scene Investigation

Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security


State Qualifying Event: 

Not Required


Teams of 3


National Competition

Competition Type: 

Skilled and Technical

Contestants will demonstrate basic skills associated with working a crime scene. Team members will take a test assessing overall crime scene knowledge. Team members will process a crime scene to include searching, identifying evidence, measuring, photographing, and preparing a sketch. Team members will also demonstrate basic crime scene skills such as lifting a fingerprint, swabbing serological evidence, packaging evidence, or similar skills. The team will interpret common crime scene evidence such as classifying a fingerprint pattern. Finally, the team will complete narratives, crime logs, and similar paperwork.

Crime Scene Investigation

The career competitions of the SkillsUSA Illinois Championships follow the current edition of the SkillsUSA Technical Standards. These are available to professional members (advisors and teachers) as a membership benefit following their submission of membership.

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