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Why SkillsUSA?

Current annual membership (including alumni): 434,141

Associations in all 50 states plus three territories.

Total student and teacher membership for 2019-20 school year: 372,655

Student members: 352,047

Professional members (SkillsUSA instructors and administrators): 20,598

Schools with SkillsUSA chapters: 4,658

SkillsUSA classrooms (technical programs): 19,260


SkillsUSA is America's proud champion of the skilled trades. Our mission is to empower students to become skilled professionals, career-ready leaders and responsible community members.


The mission statement explains why SkillsUSA exists, sharing the ultimate goal for the organization of preparing career-ready students who will excel at work, succeed in life and become assets to their communities. It is critical to ensure each member understands his or her value and purpose while being connected to the in-demand careers that can foster economic security for a lifetime.

SkillsUSA Framework

The SkillsUSA Framework defines
the mission of the organization.

The mission of developing career-ready students is defined through the SkillsUSA Framework. It is comprised of three components: Personal, Workplace and Technical Skills Grounded in Academics. Within those components are 17 Essential Elements (skills) that every member should possess for career success.


Where SkillsUSA Activities take place?



Framework Integration


Employability Skills


Industry Set
Technical Standards



Community Engagement


Social/Emotional, Career-Simulated Learning Experiences


Local, State and
National Recognition



Work-based Learning


Hands-on, Practical
Learning Opportunities


DOL Registered
Apprenticeship Program

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