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Information Technology Services

IT, Finance, Business Management and Administration


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National Competition

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Skilled and Technical

Competitors compete in modules designed to test their knowledge as an IT service professional. The competition will challenge competitors to correct end-user computing issues, configure and secure networks, manage virtual machines, navigate and modify operating system internals, deploy operating systems, leverage troubleshooting software and tools, identify virus and malware origins, work with mobile devices, and proficiently use command line interfaces. Operating system is Windows. Additionally, competitors are evaluated on their interpersonal skills (such as communication, teamwork, and honesty). In the national contest, competitors take the required exams for the CompTIA A+ Certification and receive their official CompTIA A+ certification if they pass.

Information Technology Services

The career competitions of the SkillsUSA Illinois Championships follow the current edition of the SkillsUSA Technical Standards. These are available to professional members (advisors and teachers) as a membership benefit following their submission of membership.

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