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IT, Finance, Business Management and Administration


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National Competition

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Skilled and Technical

The competition focuses on testing the networking knowledge and hands-on ability of the competitors. The online written portion tests the student’s complete knowledge of internetworking concepts. The hands-on component demonstrates the abilities of the competitor to make cables; troubleshoot network systems; configure routers, switches and servers; and to deliver customer service in a technical assistant center environment. The competitors will find errors in WAN and LAN networks; do a full network configuration using routers, switches, and servers; talk a technician through an error they are having on their network; and take an online certification-type test. The national competition is based on the most current CCNA certification. In today’s job market system, administration skills are needed; therefore, server skills that will be scored include, but are not limited to: DNS, Active Directory, and DHCP. For more information including last-minute updates on the national competition, be sure to follow our Facebook page.


The career competitions of the SkillsUSA Illinois Championships follow the current edition of the SkillsUSA Technical Standards. These are available to professional members (advisors and teachers) as a membership benefit following their submission of membership.

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